Monday, March 3, 2014

Where is Spring?

It is already March and there is no sign of spring coming.  We have no school today because the windchill is -10 or -14 and people could get frostbite in 10 minutes.  It is almost too cold to open the door and let the dog out.  I am so ready for nicer weather.  I need to get outside and do my trainings outside.  This indoor stuff is making me super depressed.

I am starting my 5th week of training.  Last week was considered a recovery week where we didn't do as much running basically.  I was hoping for a great start to the week and get my 18.5 mile bike ride in first thing in the morning, get the kids to school and then get my swim in.  Well, first school was canceled and then Simone started throwing up continuously from 12:30 until 4:45 when she finally fell asleep for an hour, then she woke up and has now puked three more times.  It's awesome.  I got about two hours of sleep and I am one cranky mama.  Through all the puking and laundry starting and Simone crying, Dave didn't hear anything.  He slept all night perfectly.  He got up at 5am, got ready to go to the gym and then realized I wasn't in bed with him.  Needless to say, he didn't go to the gym because I made him stay home to keep watch on Simone while I got about 30 minutes of sleep.

I find it so interesting how each of the kids are so different when they are sick.  Samuel is the best sick kid ever.  He lays on the couch, sleeps, pukes in trash cans and is perfect.  Joseph just now started puking in a trashcan, is cranky and demanding, won't relax, yells at everyone and just overall is a pain in the ass when he is sick.  This is really the first time Simone has been sick where she is throwing up continuously.  She is extremely afraid of throwing up in trashcan or in a big bowl.  She prefers to grab a towel, shove her face in it and then puke.  Luckily she has nothing in her system, so she is just throwing up water or pedialyte.  We have gone through I don't know how many towels this morning.  I am already on my third load with at least three more to do.  We are pretty much out of towels at the point.  After she throws up though she puts her face in her hands and just shakes her head.  She has done this every time.  It is kind of funny.  So far she is pretty easy.  I am hoping she will go back to bed soon because she got just as much sleep as I did.

I am finishing up my first cup of coffee and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will not get this stomach bug that Simone has.  Yuck!

Here's hoping that the week just keeps getting better and better.

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